Yoga With Weights is a System of Personal Development for Mind, Body, & Spirit
"15 million Americans include some form of Yoga in their fitness regimen - twice as many as did 5 years ago" - Time Magazine

Yoga with Weights for Dummies

by Sherri Baptiste with

Megan Scott, PhD

Yoga with Weights for Dummies has over 100 Yoga with Weights exercises and offers something for everyone. It is written in a practical way with over 200 photos to guide you through your workout. Everyone from beginners to advanced practitioners to teachers will find a shining nugget to add to their workout.

The breathwork is at the core of every exercise. There are customizable exercises for total head-to-toe workouts, or to target specific areas of the body. They can even prepare the body for specific sports, like golf and tennis. Some exercises are created to build endurance, some are simply to relax.

Everything you need to get going is covered in the book with the photos to guide you through proper alighment. As an extra bonus, this book also provides guidelines for combining healthy eating with your workouts.

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Yoga With Weights For Dummies is written to benefit all fitness levels. The book covers breathing, how to warm up and cool down as well as a balanced workout to train your whole body. Each pose is fully illustrated with a bullet point description of how to perform it. Overall, this is a good book if you want to learn how yoga and strength training can improve your fitness and wellbeing.


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