Yoga with Weights:Baptiste Method™ is a System of Personal Development for Mind, Body, & Spirit
"15 million Americans include some form of Yoga in their fitness regimen - twice as many as did 5 years ago" - Time Magazine

Yoga with Weights for Dummies

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The equipment used is inexpensive and easy to use. Yoga with Weights requires only a few items - hand weights (1, 2 or 3 pounds to start) ankle weights (sand-filled are the most comfortable)  and a yoga mat. We also recommend that you have supportive shoes for warming up and water to stay hydrated as you work out.

Most sporting goods, and athletic stores carry hand and ankle weights.

"Yoga with Weights for Dummies"
Wiley Publishers
Author: Sherri Baptiste with Megan Scott


Yoga with Weights:  Baptiste Method™ Exercise

A tip from Chapter 5 in Yoga with Weights for Dummies:

"By focusing on the transitions between exercises, you can carry vitality, strength, and endurance from one exercise to the next. With enough attention to transitions, you can turn your yoga-with-weights workout into a living dance, with all the postures connected through balance, presence, attention, and breath. And guess what? You’ll even have some fun in the process".
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