Yoga with Weights:Baptiste Method™ is a System of Personal Development for Mind, Body, & Spirit

Yoga with Weights: Baptiste Method™

"Yoga With Weights for Dummies," written by Sherri Baptiste, a longtime yoga instructor and founder of Baptiste Power of Yoga™ from Marin County, Calif., operates the Baptiste Power of Yoga studio, retreats, workshops and teachers training programs.

said in an e-mail to the Tulsa World that the proper alignment, breathing and consciousness that accompany yoga with weights "actually help prevent injuries. Each exercise has specific alignment principals, and is practiced slowly. You’re taught to listen to your breathing for any telltale signs that you are pushing too hard or hurting yourself." "The whole goal in yoga-with-weights exercise is to get in touch with what works best for you, not just while doing an exercise, but also in every area of your life," she said.

- Leigh Woosley - World Scene Writer

Tulsa World (Final Home Edition)

Yoga has neither a beginning nor an end, but it is permanent and based on universal principles that appeal to us on every level, mentally, physically and spiritually"

- Sherri Baptiste

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